Helping you support all your students to RISE to their potential.

RISE was developed by educators just like you! Our experiences and the feedback from educators have made RISE an intelligent software that knows what you need, why you need it and how you need it!

We have developed for you an intuitive and empowering Student Services tool. RISE can provide you with information in a user-friendly dashboard that is easy to navigate, so you can truly make individual education plans living and dynamic.

RISE’s customizable and dynamic cloud-based platform takes the worry out of compliance and provides for adaptable IEPs that are rooted in current educational evidence-based practices.

Let RISE help you gain more time to implement student-centred accommodations and modifications so that you can maximize student learning and success, while also improving self-esteem and independence.

RISE, together we can thrive knowing our student profile and IEP tools impact student success, regardless of their previous performance.

Removing barriers to learning so students can flourish — at school, at home and at play.

IEP Planning

RISE’s intelligence continues to grow every day as more users interact with the built-in automation and flat navigation to reduce time-consuming administrative tasks.

My RISE IEP Software

Looking to save even more time? RISE’s integration with other software and tools that are used in your district helps to make sure you are spending your time with goal setting and measurement for standard, accommodated or modified curriculums.

With RISE’s secure information sharing features, student transitions are fully supported between teachers, grade levels and schools.

Overall, RISE was built to improve the IEP’s quality, implementation, and student learning experience of all students in the classroom, in school and beyond.

Our unparalleled service to all our clients has created lasting relationships.

We are dedicated to providing the tools that help students and educators thrive and achieve their goals. We continually seek feedback for enhancements and future initiatives from our clients. Together we can maximize the success of every student with educators like you.

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We are focused on helping good teachers be great by giving them the student information they need, when they need it. Learn more about us or start a journey by contacting us.